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Plug & Play (3:13 min)
Plug & Play is a flexible and portable LED light system for private gardens. Everything is possible: from easy switching on and off to user-friendly control of the luminaires with your smartphone and tablet. With Plug & Play, illuminating a garden is really easy: There is no elaborate groundwork for laying electrical cables, and Plug & Play can be changed and extended quickly and easily at any time.

LED system bollards (2:40 min)
An innovative modular LED bollard concept: the BEGA LED system bollards. Simply order the bollard head and also the required bollard tube. Both modules can be joined together easily and quickly during the installation.

BEGA Control · Das intelligente Licht. (6:11 min)
BEGA Control is a decentrally organised network suitable for controlling the illumination of private houses and their grounds, but also public parks, individual streets or whole blocks of streets and extensive grounds. Thanks to its high degree of compatibility, BEGA Control can connect up practically all areas of building automation.

BEGA – LED Technology (6:23 min)
In the last few years, new developments have produced numerous new types of lamp. Some were intended to revolutionise the market, but were short lived. Others were technologically good and are still with us today. LED technology is certainly not a passing trend: the technology has more than enough innovative potential. It opens up completely new opportunities for us to design with light.


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