Linear lighting for creative design

The LINEARA LED indoor luminaires open up new and creative options in many areas of interior design. Our new BEGA lighting solutions accentuate geometric architectural shapes. When used as ceiling and wall luminaires – arranges horizontally or vertically – or as pendant luminaires, they create entirely new dimensions in lighting planning.

read more published on 24.08.2017

Public Area WiFi

BEGA WiFi light building elements are structural components for public spaces. These illuminated design elements are used primarily in inner city areas, for example on squares and in pedestrian zones. Demand for publicly accessible WiFi is extremely high and even expected in these sorts of places. We have designed and developed the new BEGA WiFi light building elements specifically for these requirements – bringing light and WiFi together in one place. BEGA WiFi light building elements are perfect for installing the necessary technology.

read more published on 08.08.2017