A new look for STUDIO LINE

Our STUDIO LINE interior luminaire series with top-of-the-range, premium-quality LED technology is undergoing an expansion: In addition to a velvet black finish, the aluminium housing of these versatile luminaires is now also available with a velvet white finish. We have compiled all of our products in a new brochure, which is available in digital format or via our website.

The luminaires from our STUDIO LINE series are suitable for use in private living spaces, as well as in shops, hotels and anywhere where exquisite luminaires are needed to complete the look of an interior.

These luminaires with a perfect metal finish are available in various models, sizes and with various light outputs.

read more published on 26.07.2017

The new LED performance floodlight

Our new BEGA LED performance floodlight features an impressive luminous flux of up to 3,600 lumen. Its compact shape raises the bar. The brilliant exterior of the high-performance floodlight benefits from our unique optical system with high-efficiency reflectors. These allow for very narrow beam, narrow beam or wide beam light distribution. The LED performance floodlight is the latest addition to our range and bridges the gap between compact floodlights and high-performance floodlights.

read more published on 11.07.2017