Wall luminaires installation in external wall insulation systems (EWIS)

The absence of thermal bridges in the thermal hull of the passive house is essential for its functionality. The independent German Passive House Institute (PHI), founded and operated by the physicist and construction physicist Dr. Wolfgang Feist, has determined the thermal bridge loss coefficient of BEGA recessed wall luminaires and their surface temperatures inside the room. This study offers irrefutable proof for planners and architects that our products are the perfect choice for EWIS installations.

read more published on 16.05.2017

Increased safety with LED system bollards with drive-through protection

Preventing vehicle access to neuralgic areas in inner cities, in front of commercial units, buildings and other spaces – LED system bollards are our answer to this common safety issue. As a modular system, they allow the combination of luminaire heads and luminaire tubes. The BEGA system bollard tubes with drive-through protection are installed on exactly calculated foundations and their interior consists or reinforced concrete. The drive-through protection has been verified and documented in reputable tests.

read more published on 25.04.2017