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About light and illumination

Light has been a fascinating field of research for decades. Light is life. Light is exciting. The compendium “About Light and Illumination” illustrates our passion for light. Available as an online version, for download and as a hardcopy version. Our exclusive service for you: Light planning calculations are available for download as DIALux projects.

In public areas, good light guarantees safety. It creates a feeling of well-being in your private sphere. We summarise the concept of “good illumination” in our overview “About Light and Illumination”. There are two categories to consider,

  • Light planning
  • Information about light and illumination
for which we offer insights with regard to this exciting topic. What types of light are there? What types of luminaires? What is the effect of variable illumination? These questions and more are answered in our overview.

Case studies of indoor and outdoor illumination demonstrate the effect of good lighting planning.

A glossary of terms rounds off the guide.

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