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LED light system for private gardens

BEGA Plug & Play is a portable LED light system for private gardens. Everything is possible: from easy switching on and off to user-friendly control of the luminaires with your smartphone and tablet PC. With BEGA Plug & Play, illuminating your garden is really easy: there is no need for any elaborate laying of underground cables – the existing garden arrangement remains unchanged and does not suffer. The flexible cables are laid simply above ground or between the plants. What is more, BEGA Plug & Play can be changed and extended quickly and easily at any time.




Three ways of controlling light in the garden

You can choose between switching and controlling the system by conventional means using the existing switches of your domestic installation system, with the BEGA remote control, or by app from a smartphone or tablet PC. To cover all these options, BEGA Plug & Play is available in three versions: BASIC, COMFORT and SMART.

BASIC · using existing switches
COMFORT · using BEGA remote control
SMART · using a smartphone or tablet PC

You can find more information in Comfort levels.