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Three ways of controlling the light in your garden

You can choose between switching and controlling the system by conventional means using the existing switches of your domestic installation system, with the BEGA remote control, or by app from a smartphone or tablet PC. To cover all these options, BEGA Plug & Play is available in three versions: BASIC, COMFORT and SMART.


One switch actuates the entire garden lighting system

An existing 230 V mains connection switch is all it takes to switch your Plug & Play BASIC garden lighting on and off. Up to ten luminaires can be operated from one transformer with a connected wattage of 50 W and two distribution boxes. With this version, all the connected luminaires can be switched on and off simultaneously.

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Switching and dimming individual luminaires or groups of luminaires with the BEGA remote control

Do you want to switch or dim the luminaires singly or in groups? The Plug & Play remote control provides ten slots. One single luminaire or one group of luminaires can be assigned to each slot. Here, you can not only switch the light on and off but also dim the luminaires, enabling you to adjust and change between lighting scenarios at the press of a button. Press and hold the button for dimming, press briefly for switching. A practical wall mounting bracket keeps the BEGA remote control safe and turns it into a wall switch. The control system is based on ZigBee radio technology, which has also proven successful in building technology control solutions.

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Switching and dimming individual luminaires by smartphone or tablet PC

Transformers, distribution boxes and remote controls in the Plug & Play SMART version work with the same established ZigBee radio standard as in the COMFORT version.The system can also be controlled from a smartphone or tablet PC in addition to being operated by remote control. Connection to WLAN is made possible by the BEGA “Smart Home Gateway.” Using the free BEGA Smart Home app, you can control and configure luminaires and all components that work with the ZigBee radio standard. Accordingly you can reach the Plug & Play system over the Internet from any place in the world. This also means more security at home.

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Comfort levels – a comparison

Can be switched via the existing domestic installation system
All the connected luminaires can be switched on and off simultaneously
Light control using BEGA remote control
Controlling single luminaires
Creating your own groups of luminaires
Dimming the luminaires
Controlling luminaires over the Internet from anywhere in the world
Integration of the lighting concept into the domestic automation system