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BEGA Plug & Play products

The basis for all BEGA Plug & Play installations is a transformer that supplies all luminaires in the system with power. The type of transformer that is suitable for your installation depends on the comfort level you prefer. The overview of comfort levels will help you to select the right version for your requirements. For connecting transformers with free cable ends, we recommend the use of our distribution box. The installation can be extended as required using extension cables and distribution boxes. Each transformer and distribution box allows the connection of up to four components – whether luminaires or other distribution boxes.

Portable BEGA Plug & Play luminaires are ready for connection with a 5 m cable and mains plug. Robust materials and the long service life of the LED modules make these luminaires cost-effective devices with very long maintenance intervals.


How does BEGA Plug & Play work?

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  • Transformer
    The transformer forms the basis for a BEGA Plug & Play system. Each transformer has four plug contacts for connecting luminaires. With a second transformer, it is an easy matter to extend the system.

  • Distribution box
    Distribution boxes can be connected to a transformer, each extending the system by four plug contacts for additional luminaires or distribution boxes.

  • Luminaires
    Using simple plug connectors, the luminaires can now be connected in the safe 48 V system of BEGA Plug & Play. With extension cables, it is easy to reach all areas of the garden. The length of cable used within the system is virtually unlimited. This means BEGA Plug & Play is able to meet the individual requirements of every garden.

    With Plug & Play there is no need for any elaborate laying of underground cables – the existing garden arrangement remains unchanged and does not suffer. The flexible cables are laid quickly and easily above ground between the plants.

    Transformers, distribution boxes and remote controls in the Plug & Play COMFORT & SMART versions work with the established ZigBee radio standard. The Plug & Play SMART version of the system can also be controlled from a smartphone or tablet PC in addition to being operated by remote control. Using a gateway, it can be integrated in the networks of various radio standards.

Transformers and distribution boxes

Portable LED garden luminaires

Portable LED garden floodlights