Drive-over in-ground luminaires
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Drive-over in-ground luminaires

Floodlights with symmetrical light distribution

You will find an extensive and efficient series of in-ground luminaires specially for mounting in ground surfaces with holes drilled by the customer, both indoors and out. For planning work there is a large number of different light outputs available.

The entire luminaire housings are made of stainless steel. Luminaires with this design are suitable for installation in core-drilled holes or ground cutouts in topsoil.

The luminaires can be driven over by vehicles with pneumatic tyres. The luminaires must not be used in areas where they are exposed to horizontal loads caused by braking, accelerating and changes of direction.


Installation depth 160 - 225 mm
Pressure load 2000 kg
Protection class IP 68  10 m

Trim ring and luminaire housing made of stainless steel
Safety glass, clear
Reflector made of pure anodised aluminium
1.8 m connecting cable 3 x 1.5 with water stop
1.2 m protective conduit for connecting cable up to the connecting sleeve

DALI controllable luminaires 77 913 · 77 914
With 1.8 m connecting cable 5 x 1 with water stop
1.2 m protective conduit for connecting cable up to the connecting sleeve

88 806  with electronic ballast

You can find luminaires for operating with alternating
and direct current in the table under AC / DC.

Please note:
The operating temperatures T specified in the table (according to EN 60 598, ambient temperature ta 15 ¡C) are reached in the centre of the glass surface.

With the additional specification R after the article number,
we can supply all luminaires with skid-blocking glass.

B = Ø recessed opening

LED colour temperature optionally 4000 K or 3000 K
4000 K – Article number
3000 K – Article number + K3

The figures quoted for output and luminous flux are nominal
values. Technical progress might result in different values
over time. The latest data can be found in the data sheets.

  Lamp Base Lumen β T A B C AC/DC
77 912   LED 4.2 W 525 16° 20° 155 145 160 In-ground luminaire 77 912 BEGA
77 913   LED 10.5 W 1320 24° 25° 205 182 170 In-ground luminaire 77 913 BEGA
77 914   LED 19.0 W 2375 23° 25° 245 225 185 In-ground luminaire 77 914 BEGA
88 806   1 HIT-TC-CE 20 W GU 6.5 1700 16° 55° 205 182 170 In-ground luminaire 88 806 BEGA
88 807   1 HIT-CE 35 W G 12 4000 14° 70° 245 225 185 In-ground luminaire 88 807 BEGA
88 837   1 HI/HST-DE 70 W RX7s 7000 13° 70° 330 300 225 In-ground luminaire 88 837 BEGA

Drive-over in-ground luminaires in use

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Electrical safety

The luminaires in this catalogue are designed and produced on the basis of the EN 60598/VDE 0711 standards. The majority of the luminaires bear the relevant test mark on the type plate as well as on the packaging and instructions for use. The other luminaires have been or will be submitted for certification, but the certification and approval procedure is still in progress. We can provide information on the status of the certification procedure at any time. Special orders are produced in accordance with the above set of regulations.

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