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LCN pushbutton/binary adapter

For DIN rail mounting

The 4-fold pushbutton/binary adapter is fitted with 4 input contacts that can be addressed individually. The input contacts can be used optionally for external pushbuttons or external binary contacts. The operating mode is set at the pushbutton/binary adapter via a DIP switch.In the LCN pushbutton adapter function it is possible to evaluate conventional pushbuttons, in the LCN binary adapter function it is possible to evaluate permanent contacts from e.g. timers.

Up to 4 LCN pushbutton/binary adapters can be connected to one 70 784 control module, whereby 2 pushbutton/binary adapters can be set in the function as pushbutton adapters and 2 LCN pushbutton/binary adapters in the function as LCN binary adapters.


4x input contacts for 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz

70 735   LCN pushbutton/binary adapter, 4-fold

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Electrical safety

The luminaires in this catalogue are designed and produced on the basis of the EN 60598/VDE 0711 standards. The majority of the luminaires bear the relevant test mark on the type plate as well as on the packaging and instructions for use. The other luminaires have been or will be submitted for certification, but the certification and approval procedure is still in progress. We can provide information on the status of the certification procedure at any time. Special orders are produced in accordance with the above set of regulations.
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