Lockable connecting pillars
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Lockable connecting pillars

Without illumination · With or without installation inserts

BEGA connecting pillars allow the connection of electrically operated equipment as well as the power supply in public and industrial areas.

Connecting pillars with installation inserts are factory-wired ready for connection.

Connecting pillars without installation inserts offer you the option of choosing the type and number of installation inserts for your particular requirements. These pillars are then supplied empty together with the inserts ordered.


Protection class  IP X4
Cast aluminium, aluminium and stainless steel

Three-phase mains connection · suitable for through-wiring
Neutral and PE terminal
Safety lock with 2 keys

BEGA connecting pillars are bolted with a mounting plate onto a foundation
provided by the customer or onto an anchorage unit made of hot-dip galvanised steel.

70 238  with installation inserts:
2 CEE sockets 16 A · 400 V AC
3 CEE sockets 16 A · 250 V AC
3 safety sockets 16 A · 250 V
1 RCD 40 A · 30 mA
2 automatic cutouts C-16 A 3-pole
6 automatic cutouts C-16 A 1-pole

70 338 without installation inserts
with 2 fuse boxes, 8-part

70 238   Connecting pillar mit Installationseinsätzen Connecting pillar 70 238 BEGA
70 338   Connecting pillar ohne Installationseinsätze Connecting pillar 70 338 BEGA

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