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House of Astronomy, Heidelberg

House of Astronomy, Heidelberg

Centre for Astronomy Education and Outreach

The House of Astronomy is situated on the campus of the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy in Heidelberg. It lies in the direct vicinity of the Heidelberg Königstuhl observatory. The House of Astronomy is a centre for astronomy education and outreach and for astronomy didactics.

Fascination in astronomy is stimulated on site by public events, lectures, student workshops and advanced training courses for teachers. For this purpose the House of Astronomy has at its centre not only rooms for seminars and teaching but also a multifunctional auditorium with space for 100 participants. This multifunctional auditorium is also used as a planetarium. Here a digital full-dome projection system makes pictures and 3D visualisations come alive on a 360 degree screen.

The special architecture of the building is based on a spiral galaxy. The various storeys rotate around the centre, i.e. the core of the galaxy. The effect of the building’s rotation around the centre-point is enforced by offsetting of the spiral arms. The paths around the imposing building are also round in shape and reflect the curved lines. They are illuminated by BEGA bollards with flat beam light distribution on one side. Their shielded light enables large distances between the luminaires and is particularly good for the paths around the House of Astronomy in Heidelberg.


Klaus Tschira Stiftung gGmbH, Heidelberg


Architects Bernhardt + Partner, Darmstadt


Swen Carlin, Heidelberg


Luminaires used