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„LaLux“ company building, Luxembourg

„LaLux“ company building, Luxembourg

In this sophisticated outdoor area, the BEGA light design elements help to structure the surfaces and to emphasise the paths. The simple form of the light elements harmonises with the cuboid character of the building, forming a counterbalance to the structure.

The clear, linear architecture with inviting entrance areas as well as many glass surfaces embodies the corporate philosophy of the Luxembourg company, which is based on openness and transparency. Light design elements assume their function as lighting tools and create imposing entrances.

The inner courtyards, which can be viewed from adjacent parts of the building, were designed with a keen sense for the overall effect. In addition, they are open to visitors and can serve as leisure areas.

Thanks to the tree illumination, the leisure value of the inner courtyards can be enjoyed independent of daylight. Elongated in-ground floodlights with asymmetrical light distribution provide lighting for the raised green sections, which are also popular as sitting areas.

The staff reach the parking area of the company building through the brightly illuminated access road to the underground garage. BEGA recessed luminaires guarantee glare-free light which is directed downwards onto the ground.

La Luxembourgeoise, Luxembourg

Atelier d‘Architecture et de Design Jim Clemes SA, Luxembourg

Project management
Luxconsult SA, Luxembourg

Landscape architecture
Hackl Hofmann Landschaftsarchitekten GmbH, Eichstätt

Light planning
8‘18“ Georges Berne, Paris
Jean Schmit Engineering, Luxembourg


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