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Training centre of the Chamber of Crafts, Cologne

Training centre of the Chamber of Crafts, Cologne

Innovative training centre building of the Cologne Chamber of Commerce

The new building of the “Technology and Education Centre for Energy Efficiency and Barrier-Free Accessibility in Buildings” (TBZ) is situated on the grounds of the Butzweilerhof Education Centre in Cologne-Ossendorf.

The curriculum of the TBZ not only includes courses and advanced training in heating, plumbing and air conditioning but also covers the following areas: “Regenerative Energies”, “Electrical Systems”, “Barrier-Free Building, Conversion and Living” and “Buildings and Building Shells”.

The new TBZ building is characterised above all by functionality and an innovative energy concept.

Its compact shape results in a positive ratio between building volume and shell area in terms of energy efficiency. At the same time the north-south orientation of the block permits natural lighting and optimised solar exposure.

The innovative energy concept is continued in the outdoor area by BEGA luminaires: Drive-over in-ground luminaires in the arrival area illuminate the canopy and accentuate the entranceway. BEGA light building elements and bollards from the same series are also used around the building. With wide beam light distribution, they illuminate the education centre with low wattage but high luminous efficiency.

The LED luminaires impress through the choice of colour temperature and a minimum service life of 50,000 hours. They serve as a design element while also accentuating the straight-lined elegance of the architecture.


Cologne Chamber of Commerce


SSP SchürmannSpannel AG, Bochum

Landscape architecture

SSP SchürmannSpannel AG, Bochum


Robert Mehl, Aachen


Luminaires used