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Holmestrand, Brygge

Holmestrand, Brygge

Habour facilities in Norway

The Norwegian town of Holmestrand lies less than 30 minutes by car to the south of Oslo. In addition to a marine museum and attractive footpaths with scenic views over northern coastal landscapes, Holmestrand has modern harbour facilities with landing stages for sailing boats and yachts. Thanks to its direct link to the North Sea, Holmestrand is an ideal starting point for trips to the fjords of Norway and to the coasts of Sweden and Denmark.

The attractive harbour was modernised in 2012 and equipped with BEGA luminaires. BEGA connecting pillars illuminate the harbour pathways and provide yachtsmen with lockable installation inserts. Equipped with CEE and safety sockets, they are the optimum solution for harbour facilities. The symmetrically shielded light provides optimum pathway illumination with wide beam light distribution, without causing glare for pedestrians as they walk past. Made of untreated wooden planks, the pathways are atmospherically illuminated by the warm light. The extended promenade with a large flight of steps invites visitors to linger a while and provides a wonderful view of the harbour and the Norwegian coast. BEGA LED in-ground luminaires perfectly highlight the steps and conjure up an attractive link between modern architecture and the rustic flair of the original fishing port.


Jon Erik Andersen – Fogra Reklamefoto, Sandefjord, Norway


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